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  1. Is my location information being collected?

    No. Absoultely not. The extension was created to simply show your location information as it is presented to websites. The user should know more information than the site they are browsing. Safari uses the CoreLocation library to determine your location which is returned as a latitude/longitude. To make the extension slightly less boring, if that was possible, this value is reverse geocoded into an address using the Google Maps API. By using the FindMe extension you are bound to Google's terms of service and your data will be managed under their privacy policy.

  2. When I click on FindMe, why do I get a request from the current web page?

    Your location is determined in Safari using the 'navigator.geolocation' JavaScript function. This function is not available inside a tool bar so it is injected into the current page you are viewing. If you just installed the extension, you are directed to an Upper Atmosphere page for the simple purpose of injecting this code, otherwise you would need to restart Safari or open/refresh the current web page. Not a very good user experience.
    Injected code does not interact directly with the web page. Apple tries to explain it like this,

    "Injected scripts have an implied namespace - you don't have to worry about your variable or function names conflicting with those of the website author, nor can a website author call functions in your extension. In other words, injected scripts and scripts included in the webpage run in isolated worlds, with no access to each others' functions or data."
    From: Safari Extensions Development Guide

    While injected code is run in an isolated world, the location alert you see appears as though it originated from the current web page. You can be sure with the FindMe extension, no data is being sent to the current web page or to Upper Atmosphere.

  3. Why does the extension say, "Unable to locate"?

    There are many reasons for this. Let's start with the condition under which Safari can determine your location.

    Safari location services work only with wifi enabled on laptop and desktop computers.

    If that didn't satisfy the curious, here are some other situations that will yeild no location:

    • Using only a hardwired network connection, ethernet.
    • Using only a USB wireless carrier network connection.
    • Using only a bluetooth network connection.
    • Location services are turned off in Safari Preferences and/or System Preferences in OS X.
    • Too many requests in a given day.
    • CoreLocation timeout.
    It has also been reported that the first location request from Safari is quick but the second and subsequent location requests are slow and unreliable. This is probably an issue with Apple's location services but the FindMe extension may need to handle long winded location requests better. Stay tuned for the next version.